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Viarexin is a dietary product that is made to improve male sexual performance by increasing the penis size and promoting erection. The supplement also promises to boost your stamina sexual desire, and virility. The manufacturer of Viarexin claims that this is the #1 rated male enhancement and is recommended by healthcare professionals. However, there is no proof of this claim on the official website. There are only a few testimonials from quasi customers. The official site is well-designed, but there is little information about the product. Only their contact information is provided. They have made a separate page for Viarexin information but it emphasizes the biology of erection process more than the ingredients of the supplement.

It is mentioned that Viarexin formula has been clinically tested, however, no official data is provided. The manufacturer of the product is a company called eNutra. It is based in Mesa, Arizona and is rated a score of F, according to the Better Business Bureau. This is probably due to the number of complaints about their activity and products they offer (male enhancers). Other promises of Viarexin include more intense orgasms, increased stamina and better erections. Let's try to understand how the product works by looking at its major ingredients.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Viarexin does not mention any side effects on their official website. however, the issues are possible with this supplement because some ingredients may carry health risks. For example, one of its main ingredients (Horny Goat Weed) can lead to thirst, dizziness, heart arrhythmia, dry-mouth, and nosebleed. Saw Palmetto is associated with such adverse effects as fainting, stomach pain, extreme weakness, chest pain, nausea, uneven heart rate, and black or tarry stool. Another ingredient, Tongkat Ali, can result in anxiety, increased body temperature, insomnia, restlessness, and irritability.

There is lack of information about orchic extract, so it is unknown whether it is safe. However, since it is made from animals, there is a risk of contamination with diseased animal parts. If you experience any of the higher mentioned Viarexin side effects, stop using the supplement and see your doctor as soon as possible. There are only positive reviews on their site but their legit nature is under question. It is better to look for real users' reviews outside their official website. Here are some of them.

"I got a chance to try out Viarexin after my friends have been praising it for the last two months, but I didn't get much effect. In fact, I didn't notice anything: no penis increase, no increase in sexual performance or sex drive"
"Strangely enough, but the only positive effect I had when using viarexin was feeling more awake during the day, nothing more. What I didn't like about the company is that they charged me $75 after I ordered my "free" sample"
"Taking Viarexin made me feel ill and all fuzzy. It also worsened my blood pressure issues. If you are into queasy sex you may like the product, but I wouldn't recommend it to you. Check with your doctor before using the staff"